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Life With Two

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If I ever thought I didn't have time with one daughter, boy do I really, really, really not have any time now!!! Our second little blessing was just born in July and she is such a ray of sunshine.  She fits into our lives perfectly and adds a dash of spunk to our, otherwise, monotonous routines.  I do however, as most of you momtrepeneurs can relate, find myself sleeping sitting up while writing an email, or passing out with my mouth wide open while cutting a leather feather.   If I drink a cup of coffee, it actually makes me sleep!  If I rest my head, I don't even feel my head touch the surface before I'm in dreamland and if I get a creative idea, I pass out before I can even think of jotting it down.  If I'm painting leather feathers, I find myself waking up to my sleepy hand, making jerking paint strokes on my already perfectly painted earrings.  Even as I write this, I've already dozed off at least nine times!  I'm too tired and too busy MOST of the time.  But I'm also more grateful and more content with my life than I've ever been.  So I'll take the tired, the exhaustion and the hard times, in exchange for the blessings that life with my two beautiful girls bring.  And... I will be grateful for all the memories along the way because it goes by fast and before I know it,  I'll be wishing they were little again.  

life with two

Welcome to my new BellaDrops Jewelry site!

Welcome!Gladys GarciaComment
Hand Painted Leather Feathers by BellaDrops! 

Hand Painted Leather Feathers by BellaDrops! 

For years, I have wanted to create a website that is truly me!  Although I've just started and there is much work to be done, I definitely feel that I'm starting the year off in a pretty productive way.  I hope you love what you see and above all see the heart and soul I put into everything I make.  This is my passion and truly enjoy the PROCESS of turning "nothings" into beautiful things, more than the final product itself!  Thank you for visiting and please help me spread the word!!!  

Much Love and Happy Shopping, 

Gladys @ BellaDrops